BLOOM 2016 Festival Passes Now Available

Join us in Edmonton Oct 13-16th at Fort Edmonton Park.


Janet Stone at BLOOM 2016

As a global yoga warrior and servant to the breath, Janet is a student of this heart journey. She is based in San Francisco and lends a wealth of knowledge and yoga experience to create a unique, vigorous approach to vinyasa yoga.

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Aykanna at Bloom 2016

Sukhdev and Akahdahmah passionately share a joint vision to express freedom, unity, peace, and love through their work with sacred music, quantum healing and Kundalini Yoga. Their love for one another, as well as our mother earth is infectious, and spreads through their music and teachings. Joined together they are the dynamic musical duo called Aykanna.

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Nicki Doane at BLOOM 2016

Nicki strives to teach each student that yoga is about being fully present in the moment and discovering that we are truly all One: One Love, One People, One Heart, One Destination – Our Higher Self.


DJ Drez & Marti Nikko at Bloom 2016

DREZ is a Journey into Sound.

DJ Drez is in demand as a producer, musical director and sound ambassador. A master of his craft in the studio and on stage, Drez cuts and composes profoundly original tracks that facilitate body movement practice of all forms— be it dance, yoga asana or after-hours intimate/ecstatic.


Hey Amber Rae at BLOOM

Amber Rae creates content, art and experiences that scratch beneath the surface and explore life’s big questions. Using her life as an experiment, and our world as a canvas, she delves into themes such as fear, vulnerability, creativity, purpose, self-expression, legacy and love.

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